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4 Anh's Wedding
3 Dr, Ray Strand Seminar in Australia.
2 2007 Road Show in Malaysia
1 Penang International Ballroom Dancing Championship 24 November 2007 at Bayview Resort Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

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Thank you for visiting this site. I love dancing particularly Ballroom Dancing and would like to share my passion for dancing with you.

To avoid Degenerative Diseases (cancers, strokes, heart diseases, diabetes and many others), we need to do four things:

  • exercising but not excessive exercise,
  • managing your stress and taking time-off to relax,
  • eating well, and
  • making taking Vitamin Supplements as a life long habit.

I refer the above as the “four Pillars of Optimal Health”.

Ballroom dancing can help us to achieve the first two pillars. Ballroom Dancing, which uses only our bodies and postures, is the perfect exercise for health. Social dancing, for a couple of dollars, can provide you with exercises, fun, relaxation and socializing for the whole evening or afternoon.

  There are three styles of ballroom dancing and they are Standard (Modern), Latin      
  and New Vogue. New Vogue, which has its root in English Old Time, is an Australian invention. New Vogue is now very popular in Australia . Many social dances in clubs and public halls around the country have 50% of New Vogue sequences. New Vogue sequences have many open positions, which make them attractive to watch. In New Vogue dances, dancers can add their own shaping, styling and choreographing to the prescribed footwork, holds and alignments. This makes them very expressive to dance and enjoyable to watch. Unlike Standard dances, each New Vogue dances has its prescribed sequence. This makes it easy for everyone to partner with anyone. New Vogue sequences are therefore ideal dances for social dancing.  

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For these reasons and being an Australian, I would therefore love to promote new vogue overseas. In the next few years, I will be producing a number of DVDs on New Vogue dancing and organizing some New Vogue events around Asia .

If you have any suggestions on how to promote New Vogue around the world, please email me.

Dr. Raymond Li